miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

consider this

-The clothes you choose to wear and the ways you wear them always give clues to identify the music, interests, etc that you like, they tell the world whether you´re creative, outgoing, girly, gothic, whatever.
-When an actor plays a role, the wardrobe department helps him define the character through his clothes. Whether you realize it or not, you´re doing the exact same thing at home every time you get dressed.

Of course you´ve heard that some people are born with great style, and great taste but the truth is that most of us aren´t. It´s hard to imagine that someone like Sarah Jessica Parker , Cameron Diaz, or Mandy Moore has ever needed an advice on how to wear clothes or how to combien patterns with her her own personal style but trust me it happens to them as it happens to us (that means all the time).

So you don´t have to get in on every trend or even be that interested in fashion, to have a personal style. But you have to know what you like and if it looks good on yourself, you need to find your inner style and I´m gona help you do that. You need to build a solid and fun wardrobe that´ll help you feel okay and confident without spending a fortune. When you have this wadrobe it´s easier to show the world who you really are. Just be yourself.

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