martes, 8 de junio de 2010


Okay so I was thinking to mayeb publish some important fashion designers lifes and what are the most important creations by them, here are some designers that I think are good but I´m not sure.

1. Coco Chanel (Chanel)
2. Pamela Skaist - Levy and Gela Nash - Taylor (Juicy Couture)
3. Giorgio Armani (Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange, Giorgio Armani , etc)
4. Guccio Gucci (Gucci)
5. Donna Karan (DKNY)
6. Christian Lacroix (many things, such as many dresses for famous stars)

Tell me who do you think its best and who may I join to the best designers list.

Quiz results/resultados del quiz

Most A´s: You´re stylish but not obsessed with fashion, and you don´t need to follow every trend that comes along. Shopping can also be a blast, but that doesn´t mean you need to spend all your money. Every once in a while, for a special occasin or a big night, you´ll let loose and show your inner glamour goddess.

Most B´s: You should probably be writing this book! You know all of the designer´s names and which celebrity wore whose dress at which award show. You pore over fashion magazines and never miss a sale at your fav. store. Getting dressed is always a major event, and you´ve been known to organize your outfits the nigh before so you dont run late -again. Just be careful not to go overboard - fashion should be fun!

Most C´s: You think "Juicy" is a word that describes oranges. For you a day at the mall that doesn´t involve movies is wasted time. Your idea of dressind up is to throw on whatever´s clean-ish, you should try wearing shoes that doesn´t have laces.

Mayoria de A: Tienes estilo pero no estas obsesionada con la moda, y no necesitas estar siempre a la moda. Ir de compras puede ser divertido pero no es algo en lo que sea necesario gastar tanto dinero. Cuando hay algo formal o algo importante siempre dejas salir tu diosa del glamour de adentro.

Mayoria de B: Tienes que estar escribiendo este libro! Te sabes los nombres de todos los diseñadores y sabes obviamente que artistas usaron el vestido de quien en cual evento. Te encanta leer sobre fashion y nunca te pierdes ofertas en tus tiendas favoritas. Vestirse es lo mas importante del dia y siempre tienes que sacar tu ropa un dia antes para que no vayas tarde a donde vayas - otra vez. Solo cuidado de no exagerar - la moda deberia ser divertida.

Mayoria de C: Tu crees que "Juicy" es una palabra que describe naranjas. Para ti un dia de compras sin ir al cine es tiempo perdido. Tu idea de vestirte todos los dias es ponerte lo que sea que este limpio. Deberias tratar siquiera de usar zapatos que no tengan agujetas.