miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

special quiz

Whats your fashion IQ?

1.Your idea of a perfect day is:
a)Hanging out with friends at the mall finding a great pair of new jeans and going to a movie
b) Plowing through the stores looking for that pair of jeans that have been hunting you in your dreams
c)Playing soccwe and hanging with your friends but stay as far away from the maal as possible

2. When you get dressed:
a)Put on one fun accesory to go with your outfit making it look unique and adorable
b) Try on at least a dozen things to make the exactly right cuteness combo and then tear out the door because you´re running late ... again.
c) Throw on whatevers clean-ish.

3. If you see a picture of your favorite celeb looking amazing you:
a)Notice the great top shes wearing and think you should try that color on you sometime
b) Study every detail and run to the store to buy the same outfit
c) Glance at it, show it to your friends and forget about it

4. The best part of prom is:
a) Getting all dressed up, and have fun withyour your friends
b) Shopping for weeks to find the perfect dress ( and then returning it when you find an even cooler one the night before)
c) The dance floor!

5. If you were to guess-timate the number of jeans in your closet it would be like:
a) Seven, but it could be more like five
b) No guessing - I have exactly 16 pairs
c) Three, and thats rounding up

6.Your favorite types of movies are:
a)Classics and independent releases
b) Chick flicks with big-name stars
c) Action-packed blockbusters

7. The most important thing your handbag must perform is:
a)Holding stuff while looking cute
b) Being the finishing touch for a perfect look even though that means it only holds a lip gloss
c) Handbag? You mean backpack right?

8.The saying "fashionably late" means:
a) Arriving about 20 minutes after everyone else
b) Showing up when everyones ready in order to make sure all eyes are on you qhen you entry
c) You´re "officially" late but no one cares

9. Off the gym, how often do you wear sneakers:
a) Sometimes when you feel like it
b) When you´re going for a sporty casual look
c) All the time

10. If you see someone walking on the street with a beautiful skirt you:
a) Complimente her and make a mental note
b) Stop her in the middle of the street, aske her where she bought and who makes it
c) Smile and think you should try wearing skirts more often

11. You go to a party and your friend shows uo with the same jacket, you:
a) Go up to her and compliment her good taste
b) Demand that she takes off her jacket, you got there first!
c) Who cares? Its just a jacket for Gods sake!!!

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